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The Meditation Centre


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 For anyone in need of a moment of peace and tranquility, there is the "Meditation Centre" (Dutch: Stiltecentrum). It is located on the second floor of lounge 2. This room is free and open, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please follow the signs “Meditation Centre” on the 2nd floor of lounge 2.





The meditation centre is freely accessible and available around the clock. During office hours a chaplaincy staff member is present.

OCC 6152

Groups who are in the company of their own minister are welcome to use the quiet room for their own services, and a wardrobe contains all the necessary supplies for Christian services. Regular weekly services are held on Sunday at 11:00, and are presided over by airport chaplains. On average, more than one hundred people use the room daily.


The Meditation Centre has three rooms:

  • The Quiet Room for individual prayer, meditation and reflection - or simply to find peace and quiet. Groups with their own minister are welcome to hold short services here. The Airport Chaplaincy holds a church service in this room every Sunday at 11:00 at which all are welcome.

  • The Reading Room with brochures and magazines covering a range of issues and questions of personal spirituality.

  • The Meeting Room where visitors can drop in for a talk with one of the staff.



Click on a link to open a document. In the Wings & Prayers publications our chaplain describes several events  he experienced as a chaplain of the Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy in Amsterdam.

Annual report 2020