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This page contains links to websites of organisations related to the OCAAM foundation and the OCAAM Chaplaincy at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.


  Old Catholic Church of the Netherlands  http://www.okkn.nl/
 Church of England  http://www.cofe.anglican.org/
 Anglicans Online  http://www.anglicansonline.org/
 Christ Church Amsterdam  http://www.christchurch.nl/
 Diocese in Europe  http://www.europe.anglican.org/
 The Willibrord Society  http://www.willibrord.org/index_en.html
 Airport Chaplaincy, Amsterdam Schiphol  http://www.airportchaplaincy.nl
 Protestant Chaplaincy Schiphol  http://prot.airportchaplaincy.nl
 Roman Catholic Chaplaincy Schiphol  http://rk.airportchaplaincy.nl
 Int'l Assoc. of Civil Aviation Chaplains  http://www.iacac.ws/
 Airports Council International  http://www.aci.aero/
 Schiphol Airport. Shop & Relax  http://www.schiphol.nl/
Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches  http://www.utrechter-union.org


Click on a link to open a document. In the Wings & Prayers publications our chaplain describes several events  he experienced as a chaplain of the Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy in Amsterdam.

Annual report 2020