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ANBI (Dutch Charitable Status)

The "Old Catholic and Anglican Airport Ministry" (OCAAM) is a charitable foundation under Dutch law. Donations made to OCAAM are therefore tax deductible for Dutch tax payers.

OCAAM's objective is to provide pastoral support to passengers, travellers, employees and volunteers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The OCAAM board ensures that this objective is realised and that the necessary funds and other resources are acquired.

OCAAM board members receive no salary or allowance for their work. Expenses directly related to performing board duties may be claimed by board members.

The OCAAM board members are:

Mr E. de Boer Chair Old Catholic
Vacancy Vice Chair Anglican
Mr Ir. A.Blok Secretary Old Catholic
Mr I. Tensen Treasurer Anglican
Vacancy Member Old Catholic
Ms. A. Huijink
Member Anglican


OCAAM has no employees. 

OCAAM is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 34202767.

The statutory details of OCAAM are:

RSIN 815744948
Legal form
Statutary name
Stichting Old Catholic and Anglican Airport Ministry
Statutary seat Gemeente Haarlem
Address Kinderhuissingel 78, Bisschopskamer
Telephone number 023 532 6868
Date registered at Dutch Chamber of Commerce 18-02-2004
Date memorandum of association 18-02-2004
Activities SBI-code: 94911 - Religious Organisation
IBAN bank account number
account holder Stichting Old Catholic and
Anglican Airport Ministry


  • Click on the link Annual Report to open or download the Annual Report 2020.


Click on a link to open a document. In the Wings & Prayers publications our chaplain describes several events  he experienced as a chaplain of the Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy in Amsterdam.

Annual report 2020