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Welcome to "OCAAM" at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

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 The Old Catholic and Anglican Airport Ministry (OCAAM) is the sponsoring agency for Anglican and Old Catholic participation in the chaplaincy of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, one of the world's busiest airports.

The foundation, a registered charity in the Netherlands, is under the episcopal oversight of the Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, of the Church of England and of the...

The Meditation Centre


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 For anyone in need of a moment of peace and tranquility, there is the "Meditation Centre" (Dutch: Stiltecentrum). It is located on the second floor of lounge 2. This room is free and open, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please follow the signs “Meditation Centre” on the 2nd floor of lounge 2.


How to contact OCAAM


OCC 6215 

 Postal address:

Old Catholic and Anglican Airport Ministry
Vertrekpassage 1 - unit 219
1118AP Schiphol


In case of emergency situations dial the following phone number:  +31206014751

To contact the...

Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol

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Each and every day, more than one hundred thousand people travel through Schiphol airport; people of different cultures with different backgrounds and emotions.

As in any vast crowd, a high number of them have problems and worries which they would like to share with somebody willing to lend a sympathetic ear. Some people also require immediate help.

Click here for more information on the website of this foundation...

Protestant Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol Airport



Welcome to the Protestant Airport Chaplaincy at Schiphol Airport. More than one hundred thousand people a day travel through our airport. A true metropolis with huge numbers of temporary and infinitely changing residents.

The Airport Chaplaincy is there to assist those who encounter difficulties during their journey, whatever difficulties that may be.

Click here for more information on the website of the Protestant Airport Chaplaincy foundation.

Rooms Katholiek Luchthavenpastoraat (RKLHP)

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De R.K. kerk werkt al sinds 1975 op Schiphol om vorm te geven aan het pastoraat op de luchthaven. Het werk was in de eerste jaren vooral pionieren.

Met de komst van Protestantse en Oud-Katholieke / Anglicaanse collega's  is een collegiaal overleg tussen de door de kerken aangestelde pastores ontwikkeld.                            

In 1987 werd door de bisschop van Haarlem de stichting R.K. Luchthavenpastoraat opgericht.

Klik hiervoor meer informatie op de website v...


Click on a link to open a document. In the Wings & Prayers publications our chaplain describes several events  he experienced as a chaplain of the Schiphol Airport Chaplaincy in Amsterdam.

Annual report 2020